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Prof. Dr. hab. Jacek Gołaczyński (A Judge and Vice President in Court of Appeal in Wrocław, undersecretary in the Ministry of Justice (2012-2013), the manager of the Centre for Research into Legal and Economic Problems of Electronic Communication (CBKE) of the faculty of Law at the University of Wrocław) between July 2011 and June 2016 has acted as a national coordinator for implementing of ICT systems in polish common courts.
Prof. Dr. hab. Jacek Gołaczyński acting as a National Coordinator, was responsible for the content-related part of the IT projects implemented in common courts, particularly for the implementation of electronic recording of court sittings.
The National Coordinator’s tasks included :
1. Supporting the implementation of ICT systems in common courts performed by the Ministry of Justice,
2. The analysis of the courts needs in the IT field, assessment of the consequences in ICT systems implementation in courts,
3. Preparing recommendations regarding the strategy of the court computerisation,
4. Supporting the process of consolidation IT services,
5. Promoting IT solutions, which has been implemented in common courts,
6. Organization of conferences and trainings regarding computerisation of polish justice system,
7. Analysis of foreign law and technical solutions regarding computerisation of polish justice system.
The National Coordinator was subordinated to the Ministry of Justice and was entitled to designate Coordinators for the realization of the National Coordinator’s duties in Courts of Appeal as well as in District Courts.  Therefore in every Appeal Court and every District Court a National Coordinate’s representative was designated. The Coordinate’s representative must be a judge who are actively taking part in ruling at the particular court.
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